If you haven't shipped an AI feature yet, it's time for Hypermode. Schedule setup & be in prod in 21 days.

What Developers need to Ship AI-Powered Apps

Developers use Hypermode to manage models, functions, & data so they can skip the data science, write less code, and ship faster.

  1. Try a new model, in one line of code.
  2. Tailor models, start with zero data.
  3. Put models to work, with Hypermode Functions.
import { Model } from "hypermode"

What can you Ship with Hypermode?

Simplify the complex. With Hypermode, the hardest part of building AI into your app is having the idea.

Vector Search

Go beyond keywords by upgrading your search to include semantic meaning. Recommend similar or next best actions or identify similar products, cases, users, and more. Plus, auto-generate vector embeddings in real time.

export function similarIssues(text: string, topK: u32): string { const modelName = "embed-issue-summary"; const embedding = model.getTextEmbedding(modelName, text); const items = findSimilarIssueByEmbedding(embedding, topK); return JSON.stringify(items); };

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

Generate content personalized to each user by incorporating event & contextual data into prompts. Prompts and included data are traceable from end to end.

export function personalizedDescription(item: string, user: number): string { const modelName = "gpt-3.5-turbo"; const pastPurchases = data.queryToString(select item from purchases where userID = user); const prompt = `Generate a 20 word product description for ${item}, that relates to past purchases of ${pastPurchases}`; const description = inference.generateText(modelName, prompt); return JSON.stringify(description); }

Specialized Model

Continuously train your small model(s) for a fraction of LLM costs using your app data. This means far less burden to host specialized models.

"models" : { "name" : "not-hot-dog", "task" : "classifier", "sourceModel" : "distilbert-base-uncased", "trainingInstructions" : { "labels": { ["Hot Dog", "Not Hot Dog"] }, "strategy": "on-drift" } }

Your Custom Function

Build your own Hypermode Function so your team can code less and ship powerful AI features.

export function labelItem(text: string): string { const modelName = "category-classifier"; const labels = inference.computeClassificationLabels(modelName, text); const confidence = 0.4; const category = getConfidentLabel(labels, confidence); return JSON.stringify(category); }

Never Stop Iterating.

For the past year, AI has been waiting on you. Let's flip the script.