How Pick Your Packer Built AI Powered Search with Hypermode

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tl;dr - Pick Your Packer augmented their search with an LLM + vector-graph store using Hypermode for better, more accurate results from natural language search terms.


Pick Your Packer is revolutionizing the B2B food and beverage industry by creating a comprehensive platform that connects manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. This case study explores how Pick Your Packer built advanced semantic search capabilities into their product using Hypermode and graph database technology to solve complex industry challenges.

Problem: Keyword Search Isn't Enough

Pick Your Packer is solving a few key challenges that companies entering the food and beverage industry face:

1. Fragmented Supply Chain: Difficulty in finding and connecting with the right partners.

2. Semantic Ambiguity: Varied terminology across the industry makes searching for specific services and products challenging.

3. Discoverability Issues: Smaller manufacturers and suppliers are often overshadowed by larger entities in traditional search engines.

Pick Your Packer partnered with Hypermode to enhance their platform with semantic search and graph database technologies, aiming to create a unified, intuitive, and efficient marketplace for the food and beverage industry.

First, Pick Your Packer selected Dgraph for its powerful GraphQL support and strong community. The decision to use a graph database was driven by the potential for network expansion and the ability to handle complex relationships within the industry. The database was designed to map the intricate connections between various entities, such as manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, enabling a more structured and navigable data landscape.

Next, Pick Your Packer used Hypermode to integrate an LLM with vector search capabilities to handle semantic differences in the data being searched, since traditional search mechanisms struggled with the industry's varied terminology. For example, the term "distributor" could refer to different roles depending on the context. This integration allows users to search using layman terms while the system understands and translates these queries into industry-specific terminology, improving search accuracy and relevance.

Finally, Pick Your Packer leveraged Hypermode again to develop a smart search feature that provides users with relevant results even if they use non-standard terms or incomplete information. This also helps educate users about industry-specific terms and processes during their search journey, bridging the knowledge gap.

Outcomes: Improved UX + Simpler Development

Users can now find relevant partners more easily, regardless of the terminology they use. And smaller manufacturers and niche suppliers gain visibility alongside larger companies.

Now users spend less time searching for partners and more time on value-added activities because semantic search ensures they find exactly what they need, reducing the trial-and-error typically associated with B2B searches.

For Pick Your Packer’s developers, the graph database setup allows the team to scale its platform efficiently as the user base and data complexity grow. The platform can easily incorporate new search algorithms and data types as the industry evolves.

The collaboration between Pick Your Packer and Hypermode has significantly enhanced the functionality and user experience of the Pick Your Packer platform. By addressing the unique challenges of the food and beverage industry's B2B sector, Pick Your Packer has positioned itself as a vital resource for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. The use of advanced technologies such as graph databases and AI-driven semantic search demonstrates the potential for innovative solutions to transform traditional industries.

Pick Your Packer plans to continue refining its platform by incorporating more advanced AI features and expanding its database to include even more industry-specific metrics and capabilities. The ongoing partnership with Hypermode will be crucial in these developments, ensuring that Pick Your Packer remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the B2B food and beverage market.